Boggle's Codex Page
Series 1 (Funkeystown)
Colors Light Green (common)
Tan (rare)
Black (very rare)
Game Get Outta My Stew!
Home Zone Laputa Station
Accessible Zones Laputa Station

Codex EntryEdit

The Boggle are eating machines. Their highly advanced digestive systems can process anything from the most poisonous spiders to raw iron.

The Boggle break down any material and excrete a pure, sweet substance, similar to Peanut Butter, that is a staple for all Funkey diets. Nothing beats a Boggle Butter and Jelly sandwich with a warm glass of purple milk.

The Boggle are an essential part of the Funkey society as they dispose of all waste with zero harm to the Funkey environment. Don't be scared by their hideous appearance, the Boggle wouldn't hurt a fly, unless it gets too close to their mouth - then they might take a nibble.




UB Funkeys 37 Boggle - Get outta my Stew!

UB Funkeys 37 Boggle - Get outta my Stew!