Bones' Codex Page
Series 1 (Funkeystown)
Colors Common: Black
Rare: Red
Very Rare: White
Game Bones' Fishing Hole
Game-Room Bones Clubhouse
Home Zone Magma Gorge
Accessible Zones Magma Gorge
Hidden Realm
Bones is a skeletal funkey that hails from Magma Gorge. Bones was released as part of wave 1 of series 1 for U.B. Funkeys.[1]


Being essentially only a skeleton, Bones' design is rather simple, sporting torso bones, a skull, arm bones, and three toe bones per foot. Based on their shape, Bones' design seems to have drawn inspiration from the human skeleton specifically, albeit being a far more simplified depiction of it. All of Bones' bones are white, with large oval shaped eye holes on his face, and a notably large forehead.

Regular Bones have black "skin" surrounding their bones, with the black being replaced with red for rare Bones, and being replaced with white in the case of very rare Bones.

Codex Entry[2][3] Edit

The Bones are what they are. They don’t hide their feelings or thoughts from anyone. But it’s easy to get under their skin making them often grumpy and disgruntled.

The phrase “you old bucket of bones” has come to mean someone who is in a bad mood, and if you “have a bone to pick” you are upset about something. But make no bones about it, they still have fun.

Most doctors in Terrapinia are Bones and they are accomplished at playing piano. Their favorite pastime is fishing, although their catch is often just skin and bones.




  • It's possible that Bones' skelleton could be representitive of the anatomy of funkeys. However, due to the designs of some funkey species (such as the Glub, whose eyes are in place of where the ears are on other funkeys), this would not be universally accurate.
  • Bones' description boasts various skeleton and bones puns. Ironically, according to their codex entry, Bones are easy to irritate and make grumpy.