Deuce's Codex Page
Series 1
Colors Common: Red
Rare: Blue
Very Rare: Silver/Grey
Game Record Rampage
Game-Room Double Deuce Diner
Home Zone Magma Gorge
Accessible Zones Magma Gorge
Hidden Realm
Playable Yes
Deuce is a funkey released during wave 1 of series 1. Using Deuce gives access to Double Deuce Diner and the game Record Rampage in Magma Gorge.

Appearance Edit

Deuce is a red 'devil' character, complete with black horns, a pointy goatee, a crooked smile, and sharp, crooked eyebrows. Deuce also has black hands, black feet, and a yellow flame across its torso.

Rare Deuces have dark blue skin instead of red skin, and very rare Deuces have silver/grey skin instead of red.

Codex Entry Edit

Fond of all things hip and trendy, the Deuce set the standards for cutting edge culture. In fact, the phrase “What the Deuce” means what’s hot and “That’s Deuce” means that’s cool.

The Deuce love music but not that snooty, high culture opera that the Glub sing. The Deuce like rockabilly and anything that’s fast and you can dance to.

The Deuce are notorious pranksters. The most famous was when they tricked the Glub into wearing elaborate costumes with big platform shoes, rhinestone sunglasses and jeweled hats for their performance before Parliament and the Queen. She was not amused.

Despite getting on the nerves of many Funkeys at one point or another, everyone wants to be Deuce.



  • 'Deuce' can mean both "two" or "double". It can also be used as a euphemism for the devil.
    • The latter meaning directly correlates to Deuce's appearance, being that of a devil.
  • In the U.B. Funkeys commercials, Deuce was given a deep voice.