Fallout's Codex Page
Series 1
Colors Orange (common)
Green (rare)
White (very rare)
Game Fusion Folley
Home Zone Laputa Station
Accessible Zones Laputa Station

Fallout is the Funkey who is wearing a gas mask. The fallouts are Terrapinia`s scientists. They have crazy experiments conducted all over Terrapinia. However, most experiments don`t work. Sometimes Boggles follow Fallouts around, eating the toxic waste the Fallouts leave behind. Of course I have never seen that happen, but I did see a Boggle following a Fallout by the Double deuce diner.

Codex EntryEdit

The Fallout are the mad scientists of Terrapinia. Scientists, in that they are constantly seen conducting strange experiments throughout Funkeys Town. Mad, oh yes, because Funkeys are always asking them what they are doing and interrupting their “important” work and, more notably, because their experiments rarely work.

The Boggle often follow them around eating …errr… cleaning up their messes to keep their many failed experiments from polluting the town.

It is rumored that they are experimenting with the essence of fun, but what that actually means is a mystery. It is commonly believed, and discussed, debated and deliberated, that one day the Fallout will either discover this “essence” or release something quite the opposite – a destructive substance that not even the Boggle can digest.