Funkey Codex Page
Series Unobtainable
Colors Red
Funkeys are the dominant species of Terrapinia and the playable characters in U.B. Funkeys game.



Funkeys come in many different varities and sub-species, living across various zones in Terrapinia. These sub-species have their own unique physical traits, personal tastes, and cultural differences. The majority of funkeys come in three different colour variations, dubbed "normal", "rare", and "very rare" based on their commonality. There also exists unique funkeys that seemingly do not belong to any common species, most of which are unique characters who serve specific purposes in the game.

All funkeys have the same general body shape, being a big head with stubby arms, a sack-shaped body, and half-ovoid looking feet. Although most funkeys have two half-spherical ears on opposite sides of the head, some funkeys have slightly different features in such areas:

  • For the Glub, Nibble, Tiki, and Tadd, the half-spheres on their heads serve as their eyes rather than their ears like most funkeys.
  • The Paradox Green funkeys Ace and Mulch have half-capsule shaped protrusions on their head in place of their ears. Additionally, both funkeys have gear that they can attach to their backs.
  • The chat funkeys RewindGabby, Holler, and Rom have headphone-like half-spheres on the sides of their heads with antennas protruding from them.


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