Series 1
Colors Orange (common)
White (rare)
Black (very rare)
Game Fish Bowling


Codex EntryEdit

The Glub are extremely agile and elegant when submerged but on land are like….well, a fish out of water.

The Glub speak in a strange bubbling slurping way that most Funkeys find difficult to understand. But oddly enough, the Glub have the most beautiful singing voices. All their speech difficulties go away when they sing. They perform in the great Funkey Hall, always sing the Funkey anthem “We Want the Funk”, before sporting events and, of course, at Parliament.

Despite their awkwardness on land, the Glub waddle around with their noses in the air and act like big superstars. They are the royalty of all Funkey celebrities and they act like it.

UB Funkeys 43 Glub - Fish-Bowling

UB Funkeys 43 Glub - Fish-Bowling