Guides are characters that serve to explain information about a zone to the player when they first trigger certain events.


Zone GuidesEdit

Below are characters that serve as guides for an entire zone. They are the first ones the player meets when entering their respective zones for the first time.

Guide Name Home Zone(s) Description Obtainable
Mayor Sayso Funkeystown The mayor of Funkeystown, Mayor Sayso deals with all business related to the town, as well as starting zones of the same series. Yes
Jerry Pearl Funkiki Island The tour guide of Funkiki Island, Jerry Pearl has a laid back personality, and introduces the player to different spots on the island. Yes



Daydream Oasis

Nightmare Rift

The guide for the Dream States. Marshall has a deep voice and mysterious nature, often speaking with a serious tone and never explaining much about himself. No (Cancelled)
Image67 3

The Good (evil alongside)

Doc Paradox Green The 'good' side of Dr. Tinker, and the guide for Paradox Green. Doc has a polite attitude and jokey personality. No

Minor GuidesEdit

There are guides that explain specific mechanics to the player, but do not have a lasting presence throughout the whole game.

Guide Name Home Zone(s) Description Obtainable
Con Funkeystown (Royalton Raceway) Sells the player vehicles for their garage. No
Angus single




Laputa Station

Kelpy Basin

Magma Gorge

Provides the player with temorary means of entering clubs and playing games. No


  • Marshall was intended to be an attainable funkey, but was never released.
    • There was a variant of the unreleased Marshall with a different colour scheme as well.
  • Marshall is the only funkey to be a guide for two zones.