"Welcome to the Hidden Realm! I guess it's not so hidden anymore now huh? I hope the right wasn't too rough... because I promise you, it's going to get a lot rougher once you enter these walls" - Kane

The Hidden Realm (once known as the Perilous Verge) is a zone that was added as part of series 5 of U.B. Funkeys. It is only accessible via Dirigible airship, which is docked around the bottom left area of Funkeystown.

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Becoming a Hidden RealmEdit

The Hidden Realm was originally known as the Perilous Verge, and was the home of the Oni, as well as some other tribes of funkeys. During the Great Funkey Wars, the Perilous Verge became besieged on all sides by the marauding King Kahn. In an effort to save their kingdom, King Sidd had all paths to the Perilous Verge destroyed and using the 'gauzian blur' obscured the obscured the Perilous Verge from sight, thus turning it into a truly hidden realm. This effectively cut off all communication the Perilous Verge had with the outside world, which was King Sidd's intention, as he believed that if they were to survive the war, they would do so alone. In the abscence of the Oni, the other funkey tribes banded together under the guidance of King Funkankhamun and were able to drive back King Kahn's forces, ending the Funkazoic Era and beginning a new golden age for funkeys. Without contact between the Oni and the other tribes, both sides believed the other had been lost, with the Oni believing that the war still raged just outside their walls. Believing that they may have to fight again one day, King Sidd created the dojo for the Oni to horne their battle skills.