"...I've been called many things... But you... You should call me Marshall if you know what's good for you."

Series 4
Colors Brown, Nickel, Cream, Black (Normal)

White, Light blue, Unknown (Rare)

Game None
Home Zone Unknown
Accessible Zones Funkeystown, Nightmare Rift, Daydream Oasis
Playable No (Cancelled)

Marshall is a mysterious Dream State Funkey.

He has no game or homezone specifically.

Appearance Edit

Marshall has a typical sheriff uniform, with a corset-like vest and a brown belt. He sports a cape and cowboy hat and what appear to be gloves. He has a wide, gaping smile and two white eyes. While his hat creates the illusion of a devilish look in his eyes, he actually just has normal white ovals for eyes as seen in a cutscene.

Description Edit


Photo from the NY Toy Fair.

He literally is the most mysterious Funkey. He has nicknames such as the Drifter and The Outcast. Not much is revealed about him, although he definitely serves as kind of a guide to the player. He can go between the dream states and Funkeystown, but not much is known about him, so it is possible he can go to other zones.

Trivia Edit

Marshall ub

Holding hands...?

  • In a shot during the cutscene with Dali, Marshall and U.B. appear to be holding hands. While this is could be merely due to the camera angle, it is still worth noting.
  • Mentioned beforehand, Marshall has standard full eyes under the brim of his hat.
  • Marshall was planned to be released in a Dream state adventure pack with Dali and Goya.
  • Somewhere out there, an actual Marshall figure exists- likely sold to a collector at the NY Toy Fair 2009.
Marshall eyes

Marshall's full eyes