"Well... here it is... the Nightmare Rift. Not exactly the kind of place that makes for a pleasent night's sleep." - Marshall's Introduction to Nightmare Rift
Nightmare Rift is the parallel world of the Daydream Oasis, representing the nightmares of the funkeys. Its inhabitants are Ptep, Snipe, Vlurp, and the Sprocket.  Every few hours, you can pay ten coins to take the Sphinx's quiz, which nets you 100 coins if you compelte it without making any mistakes.

It's regarded as a dangerous place, and not a welcoming one at that. Marshall wants the player to stay focused and 'keep their eyes of the skies', likely hinting at the henchman Goya that roams the area.


The WarscapeEdit

A wasteland full of damaged and dilapidated structures. It's meant to embody the destruction of war, and possibly contains machinery left over from the The Great Funkey Wars. It is populated by the Snipe, who claim they eat danger for breakfast. It's located around the bottom left end of the map.

The HeapEdit

A junkyard that contains all of the broken dreams of funkeys; one way or another, all broken dreams find their way here. It is full of mostly mechanical trash, having car magnets and other machinary similar to that of a car wreckage site. Being a junkyard, it's not a place that some such as Marshall care to visit, but the Sprocket call it home. It's located at the top left of the map.

Shadow SandsEdit

A sandy area populated by the Ptep. It has been said to swallow up ancient funkey civializations, along with the hopes and dreams of their peoples. The Ptep guard the secrets held there, but it is said that many of these secrets have all been discovered already. This leaves Marshall to ponder if the secret they guard is that there are no secrets left at all.

Hanted PeakEdit

A scary mansion atop a peak around the bottom right-hand corner of the map; it is said that it is what night terrors are made of. However, the inhabitants, the Vlurp, are said to be some of the nicest funkeys around, but they are often misunderstood. There is also a pink fleshly area around the base of the mountain that has many odd features like eyeballs and mouths.



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