Series Dream State (3)
Colors White

Beige Black

Home Zone Nightmare Rift
Accessible Zones Funkeystown

Nightmare Rift

Codex Entry Edit

In the golden age, the Ptep were the personal guards to the great king Funkankhamun. While the Stitch were responsible for keeping the secrets of the great king, the Ptep were entrusted with the king’s safety!

King Funkankhamun ruled the land with his inner council: the devoted pet, the trusted stitch and his personal adviser, Kamenwati the magician. While both the Ptep and the stitch were true loyal subjects to the king, Kamenwati desired to usurp the king and rule the Funkeys himself. Kamenwati believed that if he could discover the nature of the secret that Funkankhamun had entrusted to the stitch, that he could bring sown the king and rule the land!