Scratch's Codex Page
Series 1 (Funkeystown)
Colors Gray/Red (common)
Gray/Yellow (rare)
Gray/Black (very rare)
Game Mix Master Scratch
Home Zone Funkeystown
Accessible Zones Funkeystown
The Scratch discovered early on that they had the power of music. In the time of troubles, during the Funkey wars of the 3rd Funkazoic Era, they used this power to disable their enemies.

Masters of music, whether Techno, Hip Hop, or Rock, when the Scratch start to spin tunes, all the other Funkeys are compelled to dance. With opposing armies in a hypnotic dance trance, the Scratch were able to win many battles. These days they use this power only for good. Known as party starters, the Scratch are always looking for things to take it to the next level. But if trouble ever returns, the Scratch could make a valuable ally… or a powerful enemy.