Snipe is a Nightmare Rift funkey. They are the only funkeys in the FARCE.

Series 4
Colors Blue (Normal)

Green (Rare) White (Very Rare)

Game Bambastic Billiards
Home Zone Nightmare Rift
Accessible Zones Nightmare Rift

Their Hub is the Snipe HQ and they are strong supporters of the Resistance.

Appearance Edit

UB Funkeys 57 Snipe's Quest

UB Funkeys 57 Snipe's Quest

The Snipe sport glowing night visions that vary in color depending on the rarity of the figure. They have what appear to be a bulletproof vest, gloves, and boots on the rest of their body. There are little gill-like thingies on the bottom of their mask.

Codex Entry Edit

UB Funkeys 47 Snipe - Bombastic Billiards

UB Funkeys 47 Snipe - Bombastic Billiards

If you ask a Snipe, they will gladly tell you that the Snipe are the best trained, best equipped, toughest, fastest, meanest and most humble members of the Funkeys Armed Recon Stealth Elites. Of course that's because only Snipe are allowed to join the F.A.R.C.E.!

While it is typically the Webley explorers that will discover new lands on Terrapinia (and beyond), it is always an elite group of Snipe that will be next sent to the newly discovered territory. Being uniquely suited to sneak around without being detected, It's the job of F.A.R.C.E. to perform stealth reconnaissance on any new territory, scout out and deal with any potential danger, and make sure that everything is safe for future Funkeys travelers.

The Snipe pride themselves on their extensive training regiments and their military discipline. The distinguished F.A.R.C.E. leader, General Key-oki expects his troops to always be ready for new and dangerous missions. General Key-oki, keeps the Snipe commandos in constant training exercises so that they will be prepared to deploy at a moment's notice! Because of this constant training, these groups of Snipe become like brothers.

Spending so much time crawling thru high grass and running training missions deep into the bush, has led the Snipe to be given the nickname "The Bush Brothers." Most enlightened Funkeys equate the words bush with F.A.R.C.E. However, most Funkeys also say, "May the F.A.R.C.E. be with you...because you certainly don't want them against you!"

Game Room Edit

The Snipe's game, Bambastic Billiards, is a 2-player-UI game on a pool table. You play against UI in a match of Billiards. The coin earning rate is relatively slow.

In Eric's Playthrough Edit

In Eric's playthrough, he states that it is the "last game of all time" and that it's slightly strange to be playing it. He reads the instructions aloud then goes along to play it.

Appearance Edit

Their game room is setup like an army tent, with maps, computers, radios, papers, and other various resistance-esque items. The area surrounding it has damaged robots and impact craters suggesting previous battles. There are also very badly damaged funkeystown buildings around the land. It is heavily suggested that a war or at least battle, indeed, took place there.