Sprocket's Codex Page
Series 4
Colors Gray (common)
Brown (rare)
Black (very rare)
Game Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Sprocket
Home Zone Nightmare Rift
Accessible Zones Nightmare Rift

Sprocket is able to accsess the realm "Nightmare Rift". His game is Rock'em Sock'em Sprocket, which is a Multiplayer Fighting style game similiar to the one Racer X plays.

Sprocket's Codex EntryEdit

As an ambitious primary student at the Funkeystown School for Gifted Funkeys, the young Dr. Tinker created the first Sprocket as an entry into his school science contest.

Designed to help the Boggle with garbage disposal duties, Dr. Tinker bragged to the contest judges that, "His design would turn waste materials into a much more delicious food then that "bland" Boggle Butter!" However, when turned on, rather then producing something delicious, Sprocket only wanted to dance. While their herky-jerky groove was impressive in its own right, Dr. Tinker had no time for a Sprocket when they danced.

While Dr. Tinker may not have liked it, the kids in Funkeys town loved to dance like Sprocket! Sprocket's dance, the Robot, as it became known, was all the craze. Sprocket's popularity grew, but like all fads, one day the kids no longer wanted to do the dance. Since he was kind of a one dance Funkey, he wandered off and was not heard of again.

Now, the Sprocket, dancing robots, are a reoccurring nightmare for most Funkeys kids, as they are reminded of just how silly they really looked!

Funkeys sprocket very rare

UB Funkeys 44 Sprocket - Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Sprocket!

UB Funkeys 44 Sprocket - Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Sprocket!