Series 1 (Funkeystown)
Colors Common: Green
Rare: Yellow
Very Rare: White
Game Blossom Boogie
Game-Room Sprout Aboretum
Home Zone Kelpy Basin
Accessible Zones Kelpy Basin
Playable Yes
The Sprout is a Kelpy Basin funkey. Their game is called Blossom Boogie, which is a candy-crush-esque matching game, albeit utilizing plants and flowers. The Sprout are conisdered female.

Appearance Edit

Common Sprout have light green bodies with dark green hands, feet, and ears. They have a vine that goes vertically across their torso, and a white daisy flower on their faces. The flower has a yellow centre, with a red outline around said centre. Sprout have black eyes within said flower.

Rare Sprout have yellow skin instead of light green, with very rare Sprout having white skin in place of their light green skin.

Codex Entry Edit

The Sprout are always precisely prim, particularly proper and the most purely polite of all of the Funkeys.

The Sprout have perfectly manicured lawns, elaborate gardens and showpiece homes. They are often featured in the “Funkeys Home and Garden” and “Architecturally Funkey Digest” and a Sprout has won the coveted Felix Award (given to the neatest Funkey) for as long as anyone can remember.

Most jobs around town associated with keeping things beautiful are held by Sprout. They work in concert with the Boggle to keep trash off the street although they find the Boggle to be “gross creatures.” They have a natural ability to grow any type of vegetation. If they had thumbs, they would most certainly be green!

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  • 'Sprout' is a word used to describe the growth of planets, or denote small plants that have only just started to grow from their seeds. This is a direct reference to the Sprout's activity of growing plants.

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